Back in 2009 Sitemec Engineering devision along with MCC Mining (sino Iron) developed SME 001 Micropile Test Jig. Our test jig suits a wide range of low and high tonnage tension testing applications up to 150Tonne capacity; however the Micropile Test Jig or the Test Anchor needs to connect to a particular attachment. This specialised attachment may vary considerably from time to time. The engineering and design of this specific attachment is necessary to adapt safely and efficiently and achieve satisfactory results.Sitemec test jig will adapt to single - double and multy bar micropiles and couple several diferent types of load cels. To date there hasn't been any combination of test requirements Sitemec havn't be able to sucsesfully load test.


Consultation with the client and project engineers needs to take place to discuss and design of Micropile Anchor specific attachment.

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